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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Its coming CWW Video

You know that it’s coming… you can see a tiny speck of light in the dark distance. Barely perceptible that it’s moving. But it is. Ever so slightly. Or is it? The perspective begs to differ. As time churns before you the light is considerably stronger… larger. Yet still beyond the horizon, beyond your comprehension of its velocity. Time/space relations can be tricky. Then… it becomes clear. It’s almost here! You brace with anticipation. And then… The power and strength of the soot-black locomotive and its trail of cars suddenly, like a great wave, suddenly pounces upon you, roars past you with incredible energy, astonishing speed, immense noise. The music of the rails is, deafening. Then with the speed with which it approached, it trails off for the distant horizon. You pause to catch your wind, your mind and wonder… realizing, yes, that just occurred.

So it is with Buffalo Bill Days. Long in the waiting. Short in the duration. Though seemingly endless during its rush past the depot. So it is too, with Cody’s Wild West. Forever to get here, then gone in a flash. Once again, we at Monarch Productions were honored to produce the 90-minute extravaganza for Buffalo Bill Days, Golden’s biggest party. Our great thanks to all those who were involved in assisting us in staging a great performance. The talent, the volunteers, friends and others, we thank you all. We hope you will enjoy the short video of the 90-minute actual performance.

All acts subject to change. Produced for Buffalo Bill Days by Monarch Productions






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